School Fundraising
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School Fundraising

The Telemiracle Office has compiled a list of ideas that schools across Saskatchewan have used as fundraisers. We hope you will find the ideas helpful and that some will work for your school!

Fundraisers can be anything you can think of ! Let your imagination run free!


The office can provide you with a free kit to raffle off at one of your events.

Raffle kit for high schools (items will vary based on Telemiracle Year and what we have available)
Note: This is NOT this year's Telemiracle Bear. It will get unveiled at the telethon.


***Please double check with SLGA to see if your fundraising initiative or event requires a permit.***

Sell Helping Hands
Please click here to be redirected to our Helping Hands page for all the details.

Ice Cream Day
Have students raise or donate money with the result being an ice cream party. Each part of the party, each scoop, each topping will be added once a certain amount is raised. For example, $100 = bowl, $200 = spoon, $300 = one scoop of ice cream, $400 = one topping, etc.

Spirit Chains
Homerooms can sell paper links (use school colours) for 10 cents each (or any price) and the links are assembled in a giant chain.  Homerooms then compete for who has the most school spirit by building their chains as long as they can. Decorate classrooms or the gym with the paper chains. Provide incentives for the winning class, like a pizza or popcorn party. If necessary this can be paid out of funds collected as a project expense.

Same idea can be used with traced hands using a theme of "joining hands to help Saskatchewan people" or with paper shoes to "walk" around school walls to aim for a "Miracle Mile". Kids can write their names and brief message on their purchased pieces.

Coin Drives
Set up a huge container in the school where students will be able to see it frequently. Students and staff can drop coins in whenever they like during the designated fundraising time. At the end of the project (before donating), the coins can be used for counting exercises for younger grades. For instance, counting by twos, fives, etc. or how many nickels make a dollar and so on.

Kidnap the Teacher
Collect money from each class every day for a week, keeping track of the total collected for the week. At the end of the week, special "officers" (members of the parent council or student council, community members) bring a substitute teacher into the class of the teacher whose students raised the most money. They take the teacher away for an hour off and the students get a party.

Helping Hamper
Canvas your community asking businesses to donate items for a raffle and then build "Theme Baskets". Sell tickets on the baskets. It could be items for a Bubble Bath, a towel & face cloth, scented bar of soap, bubble bath powder or liquid, etc. OR a hamper of Movie Munchies - popcorn, pop, chocolate bar, chips.

Silence Your Teacher
Do your students ever wish that their teacher would quit talking? Their wish could be granted. For every $2 raised a class would stop their teacher from talking for one minute. In addition, other incentives could be offered. For example, for $120 raised, they would be awarded one free class period. For $600 raised, the class would get a whole day free.

Board Game Night
Kids love to gather together with their friends, so why not turn it into a fundraiser for Telemiracle? Plan a board game night on a Friday if it's during the school year, or anytime during school breaks, depending on the best availability.

Have families lend board games from home that are appropriate to the age group. A game that does not take too long to play works best since you want each child to play as many games as possible. Each game costs a dollar or two to play. For younger age groups, small donated toys can be used as prizes for each game. For older groups, play rounds of games tournament-style with a few surviving winners at the end of the evening. A playoff is exciting for the whole crowd. A prize for the final winner could be something as simple as a gift card.

Principal for a Day
Who wouldn't want to be a school principal for the day? Students and staff have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for $2 or $3 each to win a chance at acting as the school principal for a day. Keep in mind the "principal for a day" will require guidance from the school principal. Raffle sales can be set up around the school for ticket sales where everyone's contributions are donated to Telemiracle.

Children's Art Exhibition
This event not only encourages families to visit and interact at the school, but it is also a fun way to raise money. Choose art from all different age groups of students and skill levels. Hang the art on the wall and display it on tables, ensuring each picture has a card with a title, name of the artist, and their age. Assign an amount to each picture, being careful not to overcharge as you want all the art to sell. A concession adds a nice touch.

Bottle Drives
Want to collect bottles and have your refund go to Telemiracle? Now you can! Thanks to SARCAN's Drop & Donate, donating bottle money has never been easier. Simply visit your local SARCAN depot and log into the Telemiracle account using our email ( and secuirty question answer (clark). Once logged in, print off tags for the number of bags/boxes you would like to donate, put one label on each bag/box, and then pass your bags/boses to the SARCAN staff. They will then count the bottles and send us your donation.

Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament
Organize a basketball tournament in your school with the winning team receiving a prize. Charge a fee for the team and a small entry fee for spectators. This can also be done with soccer, hockey, or any other sport. This also offers several additional ways to make money, such as running a concession and holding a 50/50 draw.

Box Lunch Auction
Have homerooms create a themed box lunch that is large enough to feed another whole class. Hold an auction where other classes will bid on the box lunches. Be sure the staff creates a box lunch too, with the staff serving the students as an extra bonus. This could also be an opportunity to do a pie or treat sale as well.

Pay It Forward
Give each class a set amount of money ($10 or $20) and a specific amount of time to use the funds to raise as much money as they can. Give out prizes for the most money raised, the most creative idea, etc.

Best Seat in the House
Find a sofa to use, whether it is donated by a furniture store or one from the staff room. Raffle off tickets for a student and two friends to win the best seat in the house at the "big game". Tickets are sold throughout the week leading up to the game, and the winner is announced the afternoon before the game. The winner gets to sit on the sofa, which should be in an ideal spot to watch, and order pizza and drinks for the winners.

Or try these fundraising ideas:
- Pay to wear hats, jeans, pajamas, or have a casual day
- Sell food or candy
- Gift Wrapping and Coat Check in your local mall
- Car wash
- Student artwork show and sale, craft sale or dinner theatre
- Bad hair day
- Treasure Box Surprise - pay $1.00 to try a key to the Treasure Box
- Awake-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, Swim-a-thon, Spell-a-thon, Talk-a-thon (on the phone), Text-a-thon, Dance-a-thon, Movie-a-thon, Gaming-a-thon, etc.
- Bake sale, used book sale, used toy sale
- School dances
- Fair or carnival
- Pancake breakfast
- Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Dodgeball, etc. tournaments

To view even more fundraising ideas on our website, please click here!