Telemiracle 42 Saskatchewan Overnight line-up!
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Saskatchewan Overnight

The amazing Telemiracle 42 Saskatchewan Overnight line-up!

These five Regina-based bands kept viewers entertained through the wee hours of the telethon!

2:35 A.M. - Dave N' The Divers
We are a 3-piece rock band that covers multiple styles of music, though we would be interested to get a 4th member in the future (keys/rhythm guitar/backup vocals). Currently we are: David Johnsen (guitar, vocals), Steven Fayant (drums, vocals), Lukas Fayant (bass). We do mostly covers of classic rock tunes, and a few original songs we've been working on in everything from rock (hard, soft, progressive, etc.) to blues, jazz…basically whatever music we find interesting. We became a band in July 2017, and we have ambitions to be a professional band, writing and playing our own music. This is a new experience for all of us being in this band, and we are learning the ropes and playing it by ear (pun intended).
3:10 A.M. - NEWERA
Always experimenting with different genres of rock, Newera brings a unique brand of music with flavors of funk, blues, and metal integrated with hard-rock. Two brothers Andrew Cottin (guitar) and David Cottin (bass) have been making music their entire life and have had an unbreakable determination to always continue to make music. This determination is what eventually lead them to Joe Levesque, a closet singer who, before joining with David and Andrew, only sang in the shower or in front of family members. Joe's desire to be a singer is seen and felt with his emotions on stage and lyrics that come from his heart. One more element and probably the most important of any rock group is the drums. After a couple line-up changes they came upon a veteran drummer. Dale Maguire aka the "Beast" was brought in for his sheer hard hitting heavy determination and experience. The chemistry between these band members leaves fans blown away with a desire to learn more about them! Their live shows have been described as very intense, very "tight" and full of lots of energy! They are influenced by many different people in and out of their lives and these influences carry on over into their style of music creating a relatable experience of great musicianship, fun times, and music that everyone can listen to and enjoy.
Formed in 2011, Distant Distortion has steadily grown a reputation for their wide variety of classic rock & blues rhythm. Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan the high-energy rock band consists of front man Tent Geddes on guitar/vocals, Joseph Mcnab on guitar/vocals, Barry Lafontaine on bass/vocals and Ryan Longman on drums. Along with soulful vocals, Distant Distortion is best known for their immaculate, detailed and challenging guitar solos. The bands influences include Jimmi Hendrix, John Fogerty to the late great Muddy Waters.

The Hourhand is a three-piece hard rock band from Regina, Saskatchewan. Being the new kids on the block has only made the guys in The Hourhand more determined to set themselves apart from other local acts. Formed in late 2015, The Hourhand covered their favorite classic rock anthems from a variety of artists, such as Rush, Black Sabbath, Rage Against the Machine, and Pink Floyd. The band is currently in the song-writing process for their first original EP album with songs that are rooted in blissful, driven Rock, but add hints of progressiveness: alternative time signatures, melodic guitar and bass rhythms, diverse lyrical topics, and a wall of sound incomparable to other acts!

In the time the group has been active, they have won first place in Winston Knoll's High School Battle of the Bands (earning them a lucrative spot in the Cathedral Village Arts Festival), have played at TeleMiracle 41, various fundraisers, and have performed in multiple venues across Saskatchewan. The Hourhand is bringing something new to Regina's music scene, and is a definite must-see local band!
For more information, check out The Hourhand's Facebook Page:​

4:55 A.M. - IN LINE
In Line is a classic country, country-rock band. They play songs like “Walk Softly on This Heart of Mine” by Kentucky Head Hunters, “Lyin’ Eyes” by The Eagles, “Wild Side of Life” by Waylon Jennings, just to name a few. We look forward to playing on Telemiracle!