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The type of entertainment event you have depends on your imagination. The key to any entertainment event is good publicity and advance ticket sales. Having committed volunteers prior to and on the day of is a must. Some examples of entertainment include:

Fashion Show

A fashion show can take many different formats, and can take place in a mall, auditorium, nightclub or even private club. Use your contacts in clothing and retail merchandising. Use celebrities in your community if available to create excitement and visibility. Using children to model is also very entertaining. Key people will include your models, backstage dressers, a commentator, concession stand volunteers and a clean-up crew. Using themes such as children’s wear, swim wear or fall seasonal wear are also very effective.


Getting well-known entertainers is the key. By having a popular performer, you will attract a larger audience to attend and therefore be able to charge higher ticket prices. The best-case scenario is when the talent is willing to donate their time. If not, you should certainly be able to obtain a discount, especially if you are providing good exposure for the entertainer (or get a corporate sponsor to help underwrite the cost of the performance).

Show 'N Shine

Host a show ‘n shine in your community and display classic cars, street rods, muscle cars, truck or motor bikes. Charge exhibitors a fee to come and display their car as well as an entry fee for spectators. A barbeque can be held to generate more participation and increase funds raised. You could also hold a vote for the favorite cars, and then present “people’s choice” awards to the exhibitors.

Talent Shows

Talent shows are fun and entertaining for everyone involved. Funds are generated through ticket purchases, although donations can also be taken. Try doing something interesting with your employees and their families. A unique idea is to have staff write a play and have the management team act it out. Use the creative people in your organization to take a lead “role” in this.

Don't Come Event

A don't come event is a clever way of asking for donations in a novel and humorous manner. First things first! This event will never actually happen -- other than on paper. You send invitations to supporters - and potential supporters - for a spectacular event with scrumptious food, exciting entertainment, and a glamorous guest of honor. The sky's the limit since the event won't actually occur. Let your imagination run wild!