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Social Events

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Social Events are not only a good way to raise money, they are also an excellent way to help your members get to know each other better and to introduce new members to your organization. Your event can be formal or informal, limited to members of your own group or open to the entire community. Prices should be geared to the kind of event being held and the audience you wish to attract. If you’re not interested in creating or organizing your own event, piggy back onto an existing event to expand their reach and provide an additional fundraising opportunity.

Party Favors

If you have an upcoming wedding, you can make a donation in place of a party favor for your guests. Have a small card stating that in lieu of favors, the couple is giving a donation to Telemiracle. You can also do this for a birthday, baptism, etc.

Head Shaving

Are you brave enough to lose all your hair for a cause? As an individual or a group, you can collect pledges and then pick a day and location to shave your locks. You can also include this with other social events to help draw a crowd.

Fairs, Carnivals, Picnics, Barbeques

These types of large events are the perfect opportunity to increase public awareness by involving the community. Booth, tables and kiosks, staffed by members of your organizations are an excellent way to promote your business and generate funds through donations. Choose a day to hold this type of event such as Halloween, Family Day, Canada Day, etc.

Customer Appreciation Day

If you have a large customer base, a customer appreciation day is a great way to promote your organization and raise funds through donations. Allow your employees to use their creative talents (music, sport skills) to generate fun and excitement. You can also incorporate food sales (maybe a BBQ).

Chef's Galore!

Find a location with excellent space and viewing possibilities, such as a country club. Establish 7-10 chefs that will donate time and food (possibly different ethnic foods). Put together an auction committee and have a silent auction. Sell tickets. The event can be a formal night out with an opportunity to taste several different types of food (maybe even different cultures of food) and to donate money to Telemiracle.

"Iron Chef" Competition

Just like the show “Iron Chef”, gather a group a local chefs to compete against one another. Have a list of ingredients that all the chefs have available to them and then one exotic ingredient that they all must use. The chefs are given a time period in which they must complete their dishes and then a winner will be determined by a panel of judges. Tickets can be sold for the event or a donation can be requested.

Dinners or Banquets

Dinners can be large or small, depending on the amount of time and resources (human and monetary) available to you. Big dinners can be at halls or hotels, where speakers and entertainers can add value to your meal. Try to get your location donated, or ask the location to sponsor your event. Small dinners can be very profitable. Many sports teams sell tickets on spaghetti dinners. Members of the team, friends and families will then prepare and deliver the dinner. Once again, the most profitable approach is to get food and supplies donated. For smaller dinner parties, guest can be asked to bring a donation instead of a hostess gift. At larger parties, a minimum donation can be requested. A request for donation can be included in the invitation. In some circumstances a charitable receipt may be issued.

Pancake breakfasts would be another option.

Restaurant Take Over

Contact a local restaurant and volunteer to serve as dishwashers, bus persons, and buffet servers. You can negotiate an amount the restaurant owner would donate for the volunteer services. In exchange for being allowed to work in the restaurant, you can help them by bringing additional patrons on the evenings you volunteer so the project is mutually beneficial. Don’t forget to inform the general public of your volunteer status and set up a donation box by the cash register for additional contributions.

Dessert Tasting Parties

Tastings can be held at halls or hotels, depending on the size. Try to get the location donated or try to get the location to sponsor the event. Local restaurants, cafes, etc. will probably be willing to donate for tastings as these could also be beneficial to their business. People pay a small fee to try the different desserts and concessions to go with the desserts like coffees or teas can also be sold.


An auction is not only a great way to raise funds, it is also a lot of fun for everyone involved. People are interested in auctions because they think they may get a bargain. It is an excuse to buy something they want but would not necessarily buy otherwise. The majority of the work for an auction is done prior to the event. Ask your employees to secure prizes and solicit volunteers. Select a location where you have enough room to display your items and accommodate a crowd. Make sure you widely promote your event, well in advance. Sell tickets in advance, which can also include a meal or a drink. Provide your auctioneer with an accurate list of items, and let them know what your fundraising goal is. You should have volunteers for taking tickets, delivering items, collecting payment, spotters for the auctioneer and setup of the auction item tables for viewing.

Silent Auctions

This is an auction where there is no auctioneer. Bidders write their bids on bid sheets placed next to the item. A closing time is established for all bids, at which time the last bidder is successful. Make sure you assign minimum bids to all items, and have an assigned increment for raising bids on higher value items.

Both silent and live auctions can be a lot of fun and involve the community in your event. Items that can be auctioned include one-of-a-kind or limited editions, jerseys, helmets, pucks and/or balls signed by professional athletes, getaway packages, once-in-a-lifetime experience such as lunch or a round of golf with a celebrity, “Bachelor/Bachelorette” auctions, etc. Themes can also work well for auctions, such as Black-Tie Auction, the Celebrity Auction, Food Auction, Photography Art Auction or a Wine Auction.


Dances can be exciting and fun, especially when they have a theme. Popular dance themes are masquerade balls, square dances, barn dances and disco style dances. Dance demonstrations, dance contests and dance instructions can be featured as part of your event. The kind of entertainment you select, whether live or recorded, will determine your audience and a ticket price.

Celebrity Roast

Have a roast for your manager, an executive in your organization, or local sports celebrity. A roast is an event where friends and family of the roastee tell funny and interesting stories about that person. The key to a successful roast is having good speakers who can humorously deliver their messages. The individual to be roasted must be a good sport. Tickets are sold to the event, with the possibility of including a dinner, which will allow you to set a higher ticket price.