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Telemiracle Day

Declare one day as Telemiracle Day and donate all or a portion of the proceeds from the day. As an alternative, select a specific product or product line and donate all or a portion of the proceeds from sales during the month. Be a leader in your community and convince other organizations and groups to partner with you in the campaign for a set day or time period.

Pumpkin Festival

Have a pumpkin festival in October with pumpkins for the children to paint. Cover a table with newspaper (tape it down with masking tape so it stays covered). Set out liquid tempera paints, paintbrushes and plastic yogurt containers filled with water for rinsing the brushes. Let the kids paint goofy or creepy faces on the pumpkins. Add in pumpkin baked goods including a pumpkin pie bake-off. Serve pumpkin pie along with hot beverages.

Theme Party

Take advantage of a popular television program to provide a theme for a party. Charge admission, and have people bring lots of food. In order for a guest to enter, they must dress as one of the characters in the show. You can also organize an event around a sporting event such as the Grey Cup. Everyone watches the Grey Cup, whether a sports fan or not. To make it more interesting, dress as your favorite player or make it mandatory to wear football clothing for entry. The same idea can be adapted for the Stanley Cup Playoffs and World Series.

"I Won't Come Down Until I Raise" Campaign

Get creative and put your boss or manager up on the roof of your business and keep them there until your fundraising goal is met. This is a great way to create exposure and to inform people that you are helping a great cause.

Jail and Bail

The “arrested” have to call friends to raise funds to be set free. As an alternative, put a manager at the front of the store and have them solicit customers for a donation to get out. They must raise a certain amount of money to post their bail. You can also find a local hotel to act like a “prison” for staff members to come serve a term (a few hours) as an “inmate”. They call to ask fellow co-workers, friends, family, etc, to put up bonds to bail them out of jail. Have a set limit or time period as to when the arrested can be released. The bonds can then be donated to Telemiracle. Ask local radio stations to get involved and then people in the community can help out calling in and donating pledges to release the inmate.

Rent a Manager

Employees donate funds to have their manager do a specific job for one hour. Employees may pool their funds and decide on the job as a group to make it more interesting. Managers must be willing to participate for it to be successful.

Bail Me Out

This is a twist on the classic jail-and-bail fundraiser.  Have two people taken in during each "arrest" and handcuff them together.  They will appear before the "judge" together, and they each need to raise a specific amount of money in order to make "bail."  If one reached their amount, they will need to help the other before they are both released.