Telemiracle Endowment Funds
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Endowment Funds

Telemiracle Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds are Charitable investment funds that; when donated to Telemiracle, provide ongoing support to your Charity.  Under the agreement, the Kinsmen Foundation will hold donors' funds in trust and the income earned on the endowment during the year is allocated to unrestricted revenue for the year. This revenue is recognized as an annual gift on the Telemiracle telethon and donors' names are printed on the crawl at the bottom of the television screen. 

Telemiracle Endowment Fund Donors - Their Story

Loretta and Alfred Romankewicz, Swift Current, SK

Lorretta and Alfred are proud to have been born, raised, work and continue to live in Saskatchewan.  They are very proud of Saskatchewan and its generous people.  Alfred is a retired finishing carpenter and Loretta, a retired school teacher.  They have always been impressed by the Kinsmen and Kinettes and all the wonderful volunteers and supporters who have made Telemiracle a success from Day 1!


Making your own gift of an Endowment Fund

The advantage of establishing an endowment fund as the Romankewiczs have is that you receive a charitable donation tax receipt for the entire sum in the year of the donation, knowing that the gift will keep giving to Telemiracle year after year and your gift will be cared for by Kinsmen Telemiracle in your honour.  If you would like to talk about making a gift over $25,000 in this way, please call our office.