Past Telemiracle Stories
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Past Stories

Meet Sir Tristian, the Brave
Many of our applicants inspire us with their bravery in the face of overwhelming challenges. No one lives up to this model more than Tristian. At the age of 13 months, he was diagnosed with bone cancer and underwent several rounds of chemotherapy in Saskatoon. Then he and his parents, Raquel and Curtis, had to travel to Toronto for surgeries that would hopefully cure his cancer and save his leg. Doctors successfully removed the tumor and reconstructed his limb. Through it all, Tristian stayed fierce, brave and strong. He is a brave knight in our eyes and your donations to the Kinsmen Foundation backed this fighter.

A Gift to Telemiracle is a Gift from the Heart
Before Maria was born, her parents knew there was an abnormality with her heart but hoped it could be easily corrected. They soon learned that it was a lot more complicated and there would be no easy answers. Shortly after Maria was born, she was airlifted to Saskatoon and later to Edmonton to see specialist after specialist. Eventually, surgery was performed on Maria’s heart and, so far, all is well. But here’s the kicker—Maria spent over 11 months in hospital. Your donations to Telemiracle helped keep the family together in Saskatoon and Edmonton.

Chicken Wings for the Soul
For the residents at the Maidstone Group Home, nothing beats getting out for some deliciously sticky barbecue chicken wings. Of course, the vehicles that take them there are the same vans that have the important job of taking them to their work or daytime activities every morning, and to their medical appointments in Saskatoon, Lloydminster and even as far away as Edmonton. When the Maidstone Group Home Society applied for funding to replace their old van with a more current model that is converted to carry two wheelchair passengers, it made complete sense. It meant all the residents would be able to get to their specialist appointments, pre-surgical consultations, dental appointments, and eye exams. Wing night may not have been the biggest benefit, but it was definitely the yummiest!

Ground Control to Hunter
When Hunter enters the First Steps Wellness Centre in Regina, a big smile lights up his face. It’s the first step toward lifting off and travelling to another galaxy where he can walk and talk by himself. When Hunter was born, doctors discovered the two sides of his brain weren’t communicating effectively. As a result, he had poor muscle tone and was unable to sit, walk or talk. The therasuits purchased for the First Steps Wellness Centre with donations to Telemiracle, changed all of this for Hunter. Nancy, his mom, says, “The first time I saw him in it, I thought he looked like he was headed for outer space.” Maybe not deep space, but he was destined for a place where he is more alert, can verbalize more, and someday may even walk on his own. That gets a big thumbs-up from us, Hunter.

There’s No Place Like Home
Even with provincial health services and employment benefits, access to health care can add up. If someone has to leave the province for treatment, it’s the cost of accommodation, having a support person nearby, and getting there and home again. Those are the types of challenges Clint faced when he needed to travel to Edmonton for a liver transplant. But for Clint, it was as though Telemiracle was traveling with him and his mother. Telemiracle was with Clint when he went for appointments and tests, on the two trips he made to Edmonton only to find out each time the donor liver wasn’t a match, and when he finally got his transplant and spent a month in Edmonton recovering. And when the time was finally right, Telemiracle was there to help Clint get home.

Standing Room Only
If Karen could go out to a concert or play and be told there’s standing room only, she’d be the happiest person in the room. She has Cerebral Palsy and relies on a motorized wheelchair to get herself to the kitchen for meals and to her computer. The pain from sitting for long periods is excruciating. She feels so much better when she can stand. When Karen applied to the Kinsmen Foundation for funding for a power wheelchair that can lift her to a standing position, we saw an opportunity to put Telemiracle dollars to good use. Your donations give Karen freedom from her pain, slow down the deterioration of her bones and muscles, and help her achieve a greater level of independence. While we all take reaching our top cupboards for granted, being able to reach a glass is the miracle Karen needed.

There’s Strength in Numbers
When he was born, Dylan couldn’t have been happier or healthier. Two months later, that all changed. Dylan’s breathing became laboured and it looked like his chest was caving in with every breath. Unable to diagnose his condition, the local hospital sent him to see specialists in Edmonton. Dylan’s parents sent out a plea for help and, on behalf of the many, many donors to Telemiracle, the Kinsmen Foundation answered that call with enough money to cover travel costs for hotels, meals and parking. Telemiracle donations were also used to fund an oxygen monitor so that his family would know that his little lungs were filling up with each breath he took over the long year he was on oxygen. Now, at the age of six, Dylan is a healthy little man. His mother, Vickie, says, “he will always have weak lungs, but he is the strongest, most loving little boy you will ever meet.”