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Getting Around
Ten year-old Brighton and his family are still looking for a diagnosis. All they know is Brighton’s muscles are not developing as they should. Even though he is improving every day, Brighton has difficulty walking. Riding a regular bike would be impossible. Through your donations to Telemiracle, Brighton received a special tricycle, built just for him! He uses the trike to get around the hallways at his school and takes the trike home so he can ride around outside with his brother. The trike has helped him be a bigger part of his school community. Your gift gives Brighton newfound freedom.
Hanging Out With The Grandkids
Being a grandparent can be hard, fun work. Cheryl knows because she has four grandchildren. She’s been in a wheelchair all her life. Last year, the lift attached to her van started to fail. There were times Cheryl found herself stranded in the cold with no way to get home. Eventually, the lift was so unreliable, she stopped going out, stopped visiting her family, and stopped getting her own groceries. It was time for a replacement. Cheryl asked Telemiracle for help and Telemiracle was happy to help out. She can once again buy her own groceries and get back to the fun, hard work of being a grandmother. Your donation provided a reliable vehicle lift for Cheryl, freedom and quality of life included!
Pedal Power
Four year-old Milania is like many young girls. She loves unicorns, the movie Frozen, and is very active! When Milania was born, she was missing both legs. It was important to her parents for Milania to have the chance to ride a bike like her older brother, although a regular foot pedal bike was out of the question. A hand pedal bike would be perfect, but they're expensive. Your donation to Telemiracle helped Milania get a bike, built perfectly for her. Now she can ride around the block with her friends and family, and just be a kid!
A Place To “Go“
Sometimes, the simplest things can make a huge difference. Take the Parkland Therapeutic Riding Association program for example. It takes place every summer just south of Yorkton and provides dozens of young people an opportunity to ride and be around horses. The only problem, participants didn't have a convenient place—how do you say it—to go. That's when Telemiracle helped with an accessible outhouse. That's right. An outhouse. Let's face it. When you gotta' go, you gotta' go. Now every summer, when young people head out for an evening of riding, they can go, knowing they can go.
Breathe Easy
There's a piece of medical equipment you may have seen in hospitals or in movies. Ventilators are used to help people having difficulty breathing, to breathe. Being “put on” a ventilator involves inserting a tube down the patient's throat. A procedure so uncomfortable that it requires sedation in many cases. Now hospitals in Regina have another option before using ventilators with a tube. It is a high tech respirator. These machines help patients breathe without the need for a tube and sedation. They even learn and adapt to the unique way each patient breathes. Your donation to Telemiracle helped make primary care in Regina hospitals better, less risky, and more comfortable for many.
Valentine's Day To Remember
Grant and his wife Roxanne remember the mixed feelings they had when they heard the news. They were happy Grant would be getting a much needed new heart, but sad knowing somebody died for this opportunity. Grant had already been living in hospital in Edmonton for months. He needed a special machine to keep his own heart working until a suitable donor heart could be found. Once a new heart was found, things moved quickly. The operation started on February 13. When Grant woke up on Valentine's Day, he had a new heart keeping him alive. A Valentine's Day to remember! The story doesn't end there. Grant would still need months of physio before he could return home. Your donation to Telemiracle helped Grant and his wife through the tough months and the gruelling therapy. It paid off. Grant is now home and getting stronger every day. Let's hope their future Valentine's Days are memorable for other reasons!
Beating Cancer
What a week! When Daniel was four months old his mother took him to the family doctor for a regular check up and asked about what she thought might be a lazy eye. The doctor did not like what she saw. They were quickly referred to an eye specialist in Saskatoon. The news was not good… Daniel had a rare cancer in his eyes. Doctors moved quickly. Less than a week after seeing the family doctor for a routine check up, Daniel and his family were in Toronto for treatment. As far as cancers go, the doctors said this one was very treatable but it would take time and multiple treatments only available outside of Saskatchewan. For over a year, Daniel has had to travel every four to six weeks to Toronto for chemo and laser surgery. Your donation to Telemiracle helped cover the cost of many of the trips. The treatment is working. The cancer is gone in one eye and with a few more visits, Daniel's other eye should be clear too. There's more good news! Daniel is going to have very little vision loss. Daniel and his family are very thankful for your help.

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