TeleMiracle Online Store

Welcome to TeleMiracle's very first online store!

As some of you may know, TeleMiracle has had souvenir items available for purchase for decades now! This is the first year that we’re selling them online or making them available to the public this early in the year.

We are now accepting PRE-ORDERS, that will be delivered approximately 4-6 weeks after the store closes.

Some items are only available in limited quantities, and there’s no guarantee that any of the items will still be available after the store closes, so whether you’re ordering for yourself or for Christmas gifts for the kids, place your order now to avoid disappointment.

Benefits for you: 

  1. Helps ensure that the clothing items you want, in the quantities you want, in the sizes you want are available!
  2. You have the option to pay the fee to have it delivered to your door OR skip the fee and pick it up at Motif in Saskatoon! You will be notified when your order is ready for pick up. (Kin can also pick up at FLC!)
  3. Added convenience, now you can place your order at any time of the day/week, whenever works best for you!
  4. Secure checkout!
  5. You’re still supporting a local Saskatchewan vendor.

The store will only be open until October 6, 2021, so order now!

Note for Kin: Not all souvenir items will be available to purchase at FLC, so order online to avoid disappointment!