About the Producers

Meet our Producer Team

Jody Polowick


Jody will be the one who will shape the story and look of the show. Her principal responsibilities will include producing pre-recorded show segments, collaborating with lighting and graphics, creating the production script, working with the cast and directors, and making script decisions during the show. Jody has worked as a TeleMiracle (TM) volunteer for over 20 years combined, including the last three years as Lead Floor Director. She brings over 20 years of broadcast industry experience to her role

Adrienne Fedorowich


Adrienne will be the primary contact for Kin, office staff, production contractors, and cast. She will coordinate and oversee auditions, pre-production, and all production of creative elements, as well as assisting in all other aspects of production. Adrienne began volunteering behind the scenes at TeleMiracle 12 years ago and for the past four years, she and Josh took leadership of the Production Volunteer Coordinator role, helping to grow and develop that role into a key component of the production team. She brings over 15 years of business experience in project management as well as creativity and organizational skills to her role.

Josh Fedorowich

Technical Producer

Josh will coordinate with technical vendors for all necessary equipment, and be the primary Producer contact for set-up and take down at pre-production and the telethon venues. During production, Josh will be the connection point between Kin volunteers, production and venue staff for troubleshooting and technical support on behalf of the Producer team. Josh has 15 years of TeleMiracle production experience and has many years of freelance experience in television production. His passion for technology and broad skillset will be a huge asset in this role.