Ways to Help

Watch this video to see the unique way that the University of Saskatchewan Agriculture students (a.k.a. Agros) raise money for TeleMiracle each time it’s broadcast from Regina.

Fundraising Campaign Pages

Fundraising Kits

If you want to create your own online fundraiser for TeleMiracle, simply CLICK HERE


It’s an easy process and then all you have to do is promote your page! The rest is taken care of by the Kinsmen Foundation!



We have promotional items that we can send out at no cost to you!  Contact the TeleMiracle Administrator to arrange items. 

We appreciate your fundraising efforts, in aide of Saskatchewan residents, through the Kinsmen Foundation and TeleMiracle. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, to help you with your event.

Fundraising FAQ

  1. Decide what type of fundraiser you wish to hold. This page has lots of great ideas. Remember to adapt them to comply with any public health measures that may be in place.
  2. You have the option to create your own fundraising page on our website. This gives your donors the option to pay with a credit card, they get their receipt immediately , and the money goes straight to TeleMiracle. Using a fundraising page is great for friends and family who live in other towns or cities to be able to support your event. 
  3. Contact Diane Brakefield, our TeleMiracle Administrator, for a free fundraising kit (items may not be exactly as shown) as well as, posters, stickers, sheets to track donations, etc. All these items will assist you with promoting your event.
  4. If you wish to use our logo during your fundraising efforts, please fill out the application form found on this website. Click here to be redirected.
  5. Set a fundraising goal or start a friendly competition with a rival team.
  6. Recruit volunteers to assist you where needed.
  7. PROMOTE YOUR EVENT! TAG TeleMiracle in your event so we can share it. 
  8. Have fun!

Whether you break open your piggy bank, put on a large fundraising event, or anything in between; if you wish to present your donation, during TeleMiracle, please visit our On-Air Presentation page for all the details and fill out an On-Air Presentation application form. If you are Sask Talent please do not fill out this form. 

You can continue fundraising as long or as little as you want. We accept donations all year long (our fiscal year is July 1 to June 30); however, if you want your donation amount to be included in the final total during TeleMiracle, you must submit all donations, with supporting documents, to the Kinsmen Foundation office at least one week prior to the telethon. Or bring it with you to the telethon.

This gives the staff time to verify the donation amount and pass along the information to those who post the totals during the telethon.

You can mail your cheques, made payable to TeleMiracle, (please DO NOT mail cash) and Tracking sheet for tax receipts to:

Kinsmen TeleMiracle
2217C Hanselman Crt
Saskatoon SK  S7L 6A8
Attention: Finance Department

Methods of payments accepted for online donations, 50/50 tickets, online souvenirs, etc. will depend on the 3rd party that manages that item.

For donations made directly to the office, we accept major credit cards and cheques. We can also accept cash, if delivered in person. Please do NOT mail cash.

The office does not accept debit or etransfers at this time.

Count it all up and make sure it balances with any tracking sheets you have. (we need these sheets to issue Tax Receipts). 

Send all donations (no cash by mail please), supporting documents, tracking sheets, etc. to Gina Funk at the Kinsmen Foundation office.

Kinsmen TeleMiracle
2217C Hanselman Crt
Saskatoon SK  S7L 6A8
Attention: Finance Department

If any of your donors requested a tax receipt, make sure their first and last name, along with their mailing address and amount of donation is included in the documents you send back. The tax receipts will be sent directly to the donors, after the telethon.

Donations should be forwarded to the Kinsmen Foundation office within 30 days of the fundraising event. 

All donations of $10 or more receive a tax receipt.

Online donations will receive a tax receipt emailed to them directly. 

All other tax receipts will be mailed out from the Kinsmen Foundation Office starting in May.

Each individual who donates $100 plus the TeleMiracle year (Ex.$148 for TeleMiracle 48 bear) of their own money AND checks the box to request a bear, will have one mailed out to them by the end of June following the telethon. If you donate twice the minimum amount, you can request 2 bears. Higher donations can request more bears; however, quantities of bears are limited.

NOTE: Money you acquired through fundraising does not qualify for you to get a bear. However, if one of the donors who participated in your fundraiser for TeleMiracle gives the right amount, he/she/they are eligible to receive a bear, if they request it.

We have posters, balloons, stickers, coin boxes, and fundraising kits (items in the kit vary based on what is available).  We also have fundraising tracking sheets available to record the funds raised, etc.

To have some sent to you, simply contact our Diane Brakefield, our TeleMiracle Administrator via the Contact Us page.

General Fundraising

Don’t know what to buy for that person who has everything? Why not make a donation to TeleMiracle in their name? Having a birthday,…
Another way to donate to TeleMiracle is by using SARCAN’s Drop & Donate program, to donate your recycling refunds, or by collecting other people’s…
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Would you like to donate to the Kinsmen Foundation via TeleMiracle and are interested in reducing the cost of your next gift and potentially…
There’s no limit to the type of “a-thon” fundraiser sponsors can organize. The only limit is one’s imagination and ingenuity. Walk-a-thon Participants are encouraged…
People will buy just about anything. Especially when it’s something of value and the money is for a good cause. Remember that various degrees…

School Fundraising

Homerooms can sell paper links (use school colours) for 10 cents each (or any price) and the links are assembled in a giant chain….
Set up a huge container in the school where students will be able to see it frequently. Students and staff can drop coins in…
Students fundraise in their community for one week.  At the end of the week, money is counted and special “officers” (members of the parent…
Do your students ever wish that their teacher would quit talking? Their wish could be granted. For every $2 they raise, a class would…
This event not only encourages families to visit and interact at the school, but it is also a fun way to raise money. Choose…
Have homerooms create a themed box lunch that is large enough to feed another whole class. Hold an auction where other classes will bid…
Give each class a set amount of money ($10 or $20) and a specific amount of time to use the funds to raise as…
Pay to wear hats, pajamas, wild hairstyle, etc….
This works best around Christmas. Set up a gift wrapping booth or a coat check, in your local mall….
School dances are a great social activity for the kids, especially if you have a good DJ. Charge an entrance fee and open a…

Business Fundraising

Driving business with a charitable tie-in. Consumers want to do business with companies that give back to their communities. Examples of cause-related marketing programs…
Declare one day as TeleMiracle Day and donate all or a portion of the proceeds from the day. As an alternative, select a specific…
As a way of encouraging employees to take part in fundraising efforts, employers can “match” their employees’ efforts (entirely or up to a certain…
As an organization you can choose a day during the week and allow employees to dress in their casual wear, for a donation….

Memorial Giving

Your Memorial Contribution to the Kinsmen Foundation provides a thoughtful symbol of your devotion to the memory of a loved one. Your name will…

Planned Giving

There’s one group of TeleMiracle supporters who start planning their gifts long before the show. Sometimes the donations are made during the donor’s lifetime;…
Wills are more than just a legal document to distribute your personal assets (ie. currency, real estate, artwork, etc.). Use the power of your…