Kin Canada - Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin - Funny National Video

August 15, 2014

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Most of the Kinsmen Foundation Board, the TeleMiracle Committee, and those who work during the TeleMiracle telethon are members of Kin Canada. They belong to either a Kinsmen club (men), a Kinettes club (women), or Kin club (co-ed) in District III (Saskatchewan).

In 2020 Kin Canada celebrates 100 years of “Leadership, Service and Fellowship”. To learn more about the Kin Canada organization, and how they continue “serving the community’s greatest need”, click on the Kin Canada link below. You can also watch their “Milk for Britain” video to learn more about the organization’s history.

Individual clubs also put on their own events and projects. For example, the Kinsmen Home Lottery is put on by the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon (KCOS), not the Kinsmen Foundation. More information about club projects can be found on their websites or their Facebook pages. You can click on the one of the links at the top if you need help contacting a club or locating one of their projects.

Learn more about the District III branch of Kin Canada (the one responsible for TeleMiracle and the Kinsmen Foundation) and find the club closest to you.