About the Board

The 2021-2022 Kinsmen Foundation Board

Lyndsay L’Heureux


Rob Bateman


Kim Lowe

Past Chair

Michelle Miller

Kin Canada, District III Governor

Tammy Allan

Kin Canada, District III Vice-Governor

Tyler Hall


Steve Kirwan

TeleMiracle 46 Chair

Yvette Colbert

Zone A Rep

If you’re interested in being on the Kinsmen Foundation Board, please contact the District III Kin for details.

The Kinsmen Foundation Board consists of the following volunteers:

  • Kin Vice-Chair, Chair and Past-Chair Elected
  • Nine Kin Zone Representatives (two-year term) elected across the province, from the Kinsmen, Kinettes, and Kin clubs. They contact the funding applicants and speak on their behalf at the Board meetings.
  • One Kin Member at Large (two-year term) who has the same responsibilities as the zone reps.
  • Two Members at Large (Occupational Therapist and Finance resource).
  • Two Kin representatives from the District (Governor and Vice-Governor).
  • Representatives from the Ministry of Social Services and the Ministry of Health. They do not attend Board meetings. These positions are advisory only and non-voting.
  • Treasurer (one-year term) tracks the amount of money spent at each meeting. This person is also a Kin member.
  • TeleMiracle Chair gets a vote but is there primarily to see how the funds raised at TeleMiracle are distributed. This person is also a Kin member.

Board Staff

There are two paid staff members from the Kinsmen Foundation office who also attend Board meetings. These are non-voting positions.

The Executive Director is there primarily as an additional resource person, to answer questions, offer advice, and be a liaison between the Board and the Staff.

The Senior Foundation Administrator who along with the Foundation Administrator is the first point of contact for applicants and sends out application forms. This person also prepares the applications and assigns them to a Zone Representative. At the meeting this person takes minutes and updates the database. After the meeting this person prepares and sends out all the letters to the applicants letting them know the status of their application.

Past Board Chairs

1971 – 1972

Peter Kilburn


1972 – 1973

Peter Kilburn


1973 – 1974

Urban Donlevy


1974 – 1975

Ron Tkatch

(Moose Jaw)

1975 – 1976

Ron Tkatch

(Moose Jaw)

1976 – 1977

Nick Warren

(Swift Current)

1977 – 1978

Fred Murray


1978 – 1979

Fred Murray


1979 – 1980

Larry Zatlyn

(Prince Albert)

1980 – 1981

Dennis Richardson


1981 – 1982

Bill Hoffmann


1982 – 1983

Roger Welch


1983 – 1984

Wayne Phillips

(Moose Jaw)

1984 – 1985

Rick Rogers


1985 – 1986

Dave Hanwell

(North Battleford)

1986 – 1987

Ken Crawford


1987 – 1988

Allan Nordal


1988 – 1989

Terry Ferguson


1989 – 1990

Rick Van Beselaere


1990 – 1991

Cathie Wilton


1991 – 1992

Wayne Bacon


1992 – 1993

Lyle Stang


1993 – 1994

Greg Trotter


1994 – 1995

Dale Crow