Kinsmen Foundation

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life of Saskatchewan residents.

Our Mission

The Kinsmen Foundation is a volunteer organization that provides resources for medical assistance and equipment to residents of Saskatchewan. This provision will have a specific focus addressing specialized needs having a direct affect on their improved quality of life.


April 16, 2020

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Our Motto

Helping People Every Day

The Kinsmen Foundation was established in 1971 and granted funds raised by local Kinsmen and Kinettes. When requests for assistance exceeded available funds, planning started in 1976 for a province-wide telethon as a major fundraiser and the first TeleMiracle was started in Saskatoon in February 1977.

Today, the Kinsmen Foundation provides Saskatchewan residents with special needs equipment, to improve quality of life and independence; as well as access to life-saving medical treatment.

Throughout the year, Saskatchewan people of all ages with mobility and/or cognitive challenges apply to the Kinsmen Foundation for financial assistance. The resulting miracles are varied, but the goal is always the same – to have a direct, positive effect on each recipient’s quality of life.

Examples of medical assistance and equipment:

Walkers ranging from $300 – $600

Communication devices on average $10,000

Lift chairs upwards of $4,000

Travel, meals and accommodations for organ transplants, upwards of $20,000

Power chairs and specialty standing chairs upwards of $50,000

Conversions or adaptions for vehicles upwards of $50,000

Financial assistance is provided to: