About the TeleMiracle Committee

TeleMiracle 46 Committee

Lori Bailey

Food Services

Stephanie Waldbauer

Food Services

Erin Lengyel

Kin Coordinator

Tammy Allan


Deborah Kies

Public Relations

Preston Majeran


Melissa Kirwan


Eldon Sangster


Are you interested in being on the committee that organizes TeleMiracle?

First, you must be a member of a Kinsmen, Kinettes, or Kin club in Saskatchewan. You can contact District III Kin to find the club nearest you.

Once you’ve done that, an application form can be made available to you.

Here is information about each of the TeleMiracle Committee Roles:


The TeleMiracle Committee Chairperson is selected by the Kinsmen Foundation Board Executive.

The rest of the committee members are chosen by the Chairperson.

Are you a good leader? Can you keep a group of your peers on schedule without micromanaging? Are you good at encouraging teamwork between the committee members but also with the Kinsmen Foundation office staff, the Board, and the District? Are you comfortable giving interviews for t.v., etc.?  Then you should apply to chair a future TeleMiracle Committee!

Are you connected in your community and a bit of a salesman? About 10% of the funds donated to TeleMiracle are from the corporate community and their fundraisers. Help us celebrate the ones we have and bring more on board.

It’s about kids! Not only do we need to encourage children in schools to learn about and help raise funds for TeleMiracle, we need to make sure young people consider joining Kin when they are old enough. The Education Chair also manages the teams that post all the totals. This job really is HIGHER!

Notice all the equipment and organization around you when you’re at the show? Throughout the whole building? Tables, chair, televisions, telephones, draping – EVERYTHING. The Facilities Chair pulls it all together and makes sure all the other areas have what they need to achieve their tasks.

All that money needs to be counted! This person works closely with the Finance Coordinator at the Kinsmen Foundation office to set up and run the Treasury area at TeleMiracle.

Did you know the food budget for TeleMiracle is $0 and all based on donations? It’s a tough job to have some food available for close to 1000 people for the weekend – but, with the help of the restaurant and service community, we do it every year. If we didn’t do it this way, and spent $20 per person for the weekend, that’s $40,000! Help keep the cost down and helping people up!

TeleMiracle is the District III provincial project – so we need to make sure Kin are volunteering and supporting the event. With people and clubs scattered across the province, someone needs to communicate and coordinate. This role also coordinates the On-Air Presentation room, the Sask. Talent room, and the Teddy mascot at TeleMiracle. So, once all the Kin are there, you get to help with key elements of the show!

These jobs don’t fill themselves! When Kin fill out the manpower forms, someone has to pull together all the names and match them with the needs – and then let them know where to be for the show. The Manpower Chair also works with the hotels to make sure all the volunteers have a place to sleep!

Shout it from the mountaintops! Well, at least the top of the water tower! Getting the word out about the forthcoming show is a big job and requires a lot of coordination, but we need to let people know the show is on! This role works closely with the Kinsmen Foundation office staff to make sure all the marketing/advertising pieces of the puzzle fit together smoothly.

TeleMiracle is a pretty smooth, family event. But sometimes people need a hand or, rarely, are out of hand! We need to watch out for each other, our audience, and our guests – and someone needs to coordinate it all.

Select promotional items to sell during Kin events, TeleMiracle and throughout the year at the Foundation office. Source gift-in-kind donations for cast bags and coordinate dressing/makeup room supplies for the cast for the weekend. This person works closely with the Administrative Assistant at the Kinsmen Foundation office, to get all the items tendered out, ordered, and inventory managed.

For 51 weeks out of the year, the stage is in the warehouse at the Kinsmen Foundation office in Saskatoon. For the other week, the stage needs to be assembled, painted, and prepared for the broadcast.

Moving a few hundred people around can be a challenge. But if you can line up some borrowed vehicles, get some drivers and a dispatcher, things come together pretty fast!

Past TeleMiracle Committee Chairs


TeleMiracle 25


Don Roach




TeleMiracle 26


Scott McLeod




TeleMiracle 27


Roger Arnold




TeleMiracle 28


Michelle Trudelle




TeleMiracle 29


Michael Griemen




TeleMiracle 30


Wendy Betker




TeleMiracle 31


Brad Blackwell




TeleMiracle 32


Keith Hall




TeleMiracle 33


Lorne Steinke




TeleMiracle 34


Heather McInnis




TeleMiracle 35


Dawn Lee




TeleMiracle 36


Craig McGillivray




TeleMiracle 37


Kelly Watson

(Swift Current)



TeleMiracle 38


Clint Shkuratoff




TeleMiracle 39


Bonnie Ireland




TeleMiracle 40


Todd Bedore




TeleMiracle 41


Darcy Wildeman




TeleMiracle 42


Susan Colbow




TeleMiracle 43


Adam Logue




TeleMiracle 44


Jesse Skhuratoff




TeleMiracle 45


Brian Agnstadt