Gina Funk

Associate Finance Manager

Contact for anything to do with accounting, donations, or tax receipts

Carman Praski

Fund Development Manager

Contact for Corporate Fundraising, Fundraising Pages, as well as participation in selling Helping Hands.

Amanda Whyte

Grants Assistant

General inquiries and assists Geneen and Lori with the processing of grants.

Diane Brakefield

TeleMiracle Administrator

Contact for Helping Hands and Fundraising Kits for Individuals, Sask Talent, Schools, and KIN Clubs. As well as On-Air Presentations and all other telethon-related questions.

Lori Klassen

Grants Administrator

Contact for any expense claims/invoices for grant recipients.

Geneen Guinan

Grants Manager

Contact for anything to do with applying for financial assistance/grants.