Code of Conduct

  1. All Production Volunteers need to have integrity, be responsible, respect others & do quality work while at TeleMiracle. TeleMiracle is a professional workplace that does not tolerate profanity, discrimination, bullying or harassment of any kind. Any concerns need to be brought to the Production Volunteer Coordinators.
  2. Production Volunteers are not allowed on the TeleMiracle facility grounds or production truck until 12:00pm on the Saturday of the show. If any volunteers arrive before this time, they will be asked to leave the facility until the specified time, unless previous permission has been given. If this is not complied with further action could be taken.
  3. For security, in order to gain access to the facility at any time you must be a registered production volunteer. Your name will be on a security list when you initially arrive. Facility access will be granted with a security pass throughout the remainder of the show. This pass will be given to you at your initial check in at the Crew Desk along with your name badge.
  4. All Production Volunteers shall wear appropriate dark clothing and provided t-shirt.
  5. Please arrive on time for your shifts & meetings. If you cannot make a scheduled shift or meeting let the Production Volunteer Coordinators know as soon as possible.
  6. As a Production Volunteer you should only be accessing locations in the TeleMiracle facility or production truck where you have a scheduled shift. 
  7. Food must be consumed in the designated areas, not while working. Sealed bottled water can be brought to work stations.
  8. Children need to be 14 years old by the time of TeleMiracle to have access to the TeleMiracle facility. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted due to insurance restrictions and safety.
  9. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs needs to be reported to the Production Volunteer Coordinators immediately. The individual under the influence will be removed from the facility.
  10. Sexual misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated in the TeleMiracle facility, production truck, on headset, social media, at the hotel or transportation services. Sexual misconduct must be reported to the Production Volunteer Coordinators immediately. Sexual misconduct can lead to the immediate dismissal from the current and/or future TeleMiracles.