School Fundraising Resources

The Kinsmen Foundation office has a variety of free resources for you to use, such as order forms to get the promo items below (limited quantities), fundraising tracking sheets, etc. to help you with your fundraising efforts.

Items in kit might not be exactly as shown.

Please contact our TeleMiracle Administrator, Diane, if you have any questions. Her contact information can be found on the Contact Us page of this website.

Promo Kit High School

High School Fundraising Kit

Promo Kit Elementary School

Elementary School Fundraising Kit

Sample High School Fundraising Kit

Sample Elementary School Fundraising Kit

For fundraiser ideas, check out our Ways to Help page! There are some specific ones for schools as well as generic ones that anyone can use.

You can also create your own fundraising campaign page. Just CLICK HERE to be redirected to our fundraiser platform. Once your page is created, all you need to do is promote the page. All the money stuff is handled by the Kinsmen Foundation.

Thank you for supporting the Kinsmen Foundation through TeleMiracle!