School Fundraising Promotion Items

School Fundraising

For all the schools out there who are doing some fundraising for TeleMiracle, we have a selection of items that are available to you, at no cost.

We have fundraising kits that can be used for things like prizes for the student or class who raises the most money. There are also stickers,  posters, etc. which can be use to decorate and advertise.

selection of TeleMiracle merchandise like yo-yo, teddy bear, water bottle and skipping rope
Promo Kit for Elementary School (items may not be as shown).
selection of TeleMiracle merchandise like t-shirt, teddy bear, and water bottle
Promo Kit for High School (items may not be exactly as shown).

All can be ordered by printing and filling out this form: School Fundraising Form TM 47

It can be returned to Diane at the Kinsmen Foundation office, her contact information is on the form or on the Contact Us page of this website. She can also answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for all your efforts, so that we may continue “Helping People Every Day”!