TeleMiracle Teddy Bears

Every year we sell a stuffed animal. The kind of animal is selected by that year’s chairperson. They are usually around the ten dollar mark and can be purchased via the office staff. For more details on stuffies and other souvenir items, you can ask the Administrative Assistant. Her contact information can be found on the Contact Us page on our website.

Full collection of stuffies. From TeleMiracle 26 to 45


The stuffies are cute, but the real collectors’ items are the bears!

Each year a new bear is designed and revealed just prior to the TeleMiracle weekend. Approximately 5,000 bears are made each year and are only available to those who donate the minimum amount (or more) and request the bear.


To add the limited edition TeleMiracle 45 bear to your new or existing collection, you have a few ways of getting one.

  1. On there is a button that says DONATE TODAY. In the online donation form, once you’ve entered in the correct amount in the donation, an option to select a bear will appear.
  2. If you’re donating through someone who is doing fundraising for TeleMiracle, they should have paperwork on which they can indicate that you want a bear with your $145 donation.
  3. RING-THOSE-PHONES! If you prefer to call in during the telethon and make your $145 donation that way, just let the the person who answered your call know that you want  a bear.

If you have any questions about the bears, please contact our Finance Co-Ordinator via the Contact Us page on our website.

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