How can your business get involved with TeleMiracle?

From the corner store to multi-national enterprises, there’s a way that your organization can be a part of TeleMiracle and support the Kinsmen Foundation’s mission of “Helping People Every Day”.

Some of those ways include:

  1. Selling Helping Hands in your place of business
  2. Donating products or services in kind
  3. Cause-related marketing
  4. TeleMiracle Day
  5. Corporate Matching
  6. Casual days
  7. Payroll deductions
  8. On-Air Presentations
  9. Create a Fundraising Campaign page on and encourage friends, family, and customers to donate
  10. Spread the word about the great work that the Kinsmen Foundation does by following TeleMiracle’s social media pages and share their posts on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter

Depending on the amount raised, your organization could even earn special recognition for your donation!

For more information, please contact our Executive Director, Richard Kies, via the Contact Us page. Please CLICK HERE to be redirected there now.

A HUGE thank you to all of our corporate sponsors, big and small. Your generosity makes a big impact on the people of Saskatchewan.

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