National Volunteer Week – Day 7

On this final day of National Volunteer Week, we want to give a big shout out to all our “miscellaneous” volunteers. The companies that answer phones during corporate phone panels. The kids of all ages that either volunteer or get “voluntold” to help alongside their parent(s). Significant others that pitch in where they can and […]

National Volunteer Week – Day 6

TeleMiracle is the most recognized side of our organization. Almost everyone in the province has heard of TeleMiracle and the money they bring in, but behind the scenes it’s the Kinsmen Foundation Board of Directors who gets the responsibility and humble privilege of deciding how the money gets distributed and which applicants are eligible for […]

National Volunteer Week – Day 5

As you may remember from Monday’s post, the Kinsmen and Kinettes (Kin) of this province are the ones who started TeleMiracle and make up most of its volunteers each year. Today, we want to highlight an extra special group of those Kin volunteers, the Committee that organizes TeleMiracle. Right after one TeleMiracle ends, planning starts […]

National Volunteer Week – Day 4

As we continue our journey through National Volunteer Week, today we’d like to highlight our wonderful Saskatchewan Talent participants (Sask. Talent). The quantity and quality of talent in this province is always impressive. They come from all four corners of the province, to perform for our cause and it’s not as easy or glamorous as […]

National Volunteer Week – Day 3

As National Volunteer Week continues, today we’d like to send a mega shout out to the highly skilled Production Volunteers! They are another vital piece of the TeleMiracle “machine” as they are the ones who get the show onto people’s televisions and computers. Our Production Volunteers include roles such as Camera Operators, Lighting, Audio, Directors, […]

National Volunteer Week – Day 2

Today, we’re shining a light on the outstanding volunteers who started it all! 1920 Harold (Hal) Rogers started the first Kinsmen Club in Ontario.   Link to Kin Canada History 1928 Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon was formed KCOS History 1929, 24 Kinsmen clubs are formed into five districts under Governors and District officers. Saskatchewan is […]

National Volunteer Week 2022 – Day 1

Since its inception in 1972, the Kinsmen Foundation Inc. has relied on dedicated and hard-working volunteers. To this day, its Board of Directors is made up primarily of volunteers from the Kinsmen and Kinettes clubs in Saskatchewan. It wasn’t long after it was founded that the requests to the Kinsmen Foundation, for assistance, exceeded the […]

Donations, Receipts, and Bears. Oh my!

Every year, once TeleMiracle is over, we get asked the same types of questions, so we thought we’d answer the most common ones here, for people to refer back to.   DONATIONS If you phoned in a pledge during TeleMiracle you have a couple options for honouring your pledge. Option 1: You should have received […]

School Fundraisers for TeleMiracle 46

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all the schools across Saskatchewan who raised money for TeleMiracle 46! We appreciate the fact that they fit it into their very busy schedules and maneuvered around the COVID restrictions! We know it wasn’t easy. We thought we’d share what a couple of Saskatchewan schools did […]

TeleMiracle 46 50/50 Winner!

A big thank you to everyone who bought a 50/50 ticket! If you missed the announcement of the winner during our Countdown to TeleMiracle pre-show, here’s the winning information! We sold 79,214 tickets for a total jackpot of $385,730. The winner, Curtis Bender (ticket number 3600611642505779124), received $192,865! We notify the winner via phone and/or […]