General Fundraising

There’s no limit to the type of “a-thon” fundraiser sponsors can organize. The only limit is one’s imagination and ingenuity.

Participants are encouraged to collect pledges for each kilometre walked on a designated walking route. This is a perfect,  highly visible event for families, youth groups such as schools, the elderly, and large employee groups. Make sure to plan for first aid, washrooms, refreshments and volunteers.

Use your contacts to get a skating rink donated for a couple of hours. Participants get sponsors and individuals to pledge for the number of hours or laps they skate. Have a concession stand to raise additional funds; ideally, food and concession stands at the rink can be donated as well. Make sure you have enough volunteers and first aid.

This is a great way to raise funds and have fun at the same time. Participants collect pledges, and then bowl a set number of games. Prizes are awarded for the bowling, as well as for the groups that raise the most money.

Each swimmer who competes in a Swim-a-thon must complete a set number of laps during a designated day. Individuals and sponsors are recruited to pledge a certain amount for each lap completed.

Participants get sponsors and individuals to pledge for every kilometre they ride. Make sure all participants wear helmets, and that first aid is available onsite. You may want to have participants sign a waiver. A variation is having several groups riding on different routes. The second group starts once the first group arrives. The chain of routes can cover part of a city, from store to store, etc.

Staying in rocking chairs for a long period of time. Most are 24 hours in length. Individuals and sponsors pledge based on amount of time spent in a rocking chair. This is an easy way to generate funds and exposure.

Arrange jobs for people from your organization to help elderly people who cannot afford to pay for work they need done. The people get sponsors and individuals to pledge so much an hour, for the work to be done (at no charge to the seniors). Set a date when the money is due so it will be easier for the people to collect from sponsors and individuals.

Participants can collect pledges for each book, page or time period. You can even invite people in the community to join and listen to their favourite story being read. If you are going to invite others, don’t forget to have a concession stand to help raise additional funds. Have prizes, if you need to encourage more readers to participate.

Dance-a-thon isn’t exhausted dancers draped over each other. It’s music, food, entertainment, excitement, and even a few tears. You don’t have to be in school to take part in or stage this kind of event.

Most everyone enjoys dancing for fun and exercise. Make use of pledges and try a marathon dancercise class. For spectator appeal and a chance to charge admission to your event, invite ethnic dance groups, jazz and tap schools, to put on a demonstration.

Dance-a-thon is also an excellent opportunity for fitness facilities and dance studios to gain exposure in their community. These groups can provide an open house and an opportunity for participants to dance their way to donating dollars through pledges for each hour danced.

Other A-thon ideas include: Awake-a-thon, Spell-a-thon, Talk-a-thon (on the phone), Text-a-thon, Movie-a-thon, Gaming-a-thon, etc.