Sales and Concessions

General Fundraising

People will buy just about anything. Especially when it’s something of value and the money is for a good cause. Remember that various degrees of planning and preparation will be necessary, depending on what you are selling and where. Strike a committee of individuals and assign people to obtain the merchandise or product, sell the merchandise, track costs and revenues, secure a site and take care of the clean up.

Bake sales
Everyone is familiar with a bake sale. To make it more interesting and profitable, try the following:

  • Select a site (your business, the mall, a sporting event, etc.);
  • Design an entry form;
  • Create categories (most extravagant, most imaginative);
  • Solicit entries from your employees, families, friends, community, and church groups;
  • Collect entry fees;
  • Have judges to announce the winners;
  • After the judges announce the winners, the baked goods can be sold to raise additional funds.

Craft Sales
Rent space out, to creative artisans in your community. Charge a flat fee for each day local artists and crafts people exhibit and sell their handmade creations. Charge admission to the event.

Car Wash
A few buckets, sponges, some car wash soap, soft towels, water and lots of elbow grease is all it takes to turn a few spare hours into extra cash. Three volunteers per car is the rule of thumb. Best locations are gas stations and shopping mall parking lots.

Coupon Books
Produce a coupon book for an industry sector in your area (golf, dining, entertainment, etc.). Work with sponsors (golf courses, restaurants, etc.) to obtain discount prices that can be featured in the book. Once the books are completed, develop an agreement with a local merchandiser to sell the books for you (you may want to include the merchant in the book as a sponsor).

Flea Market
Rent tables in a hall or space in a parking lot to people who are interested in selling possessions they no longer want or need. Charge an admission price. To raise additional funds, your group could also set up your own table. If you’re not interested in organizing your own flea market, rent a table and gather unwanted items from your co-workers, friends and family and donate the proceeds to TeleMiracle.

This can also be done with used books.

Cook Books
Your selling point with a cookbook should be that most of the recipes it contains are original, rather than clipped from other sources. Theme your book and collect recipes. Give considerable thought to design and illustrations. The price of your cookbook will be determined by the cost of the production, promotion, distribution or selling. You can sell your cookbooks to your co-workers, friends, family, at fairs, trade shows, and other events. Makes a great gift.

Garage Sales
Just like a traditional garage sale, but it can be in your parking lot. Have employees bring in items they don’t use anymore, to sell to each other, customers and friends. This is an inexpensive way to generate a donation since the only requirement would be tables for the items and staff volunteering their time to run the tables.

Concession Stands
There is an opportunity to sell food and refreshments at any event where people gather. Consider taking over the refreshment stand at a sports event or other affair, either one time or as a regular concession staffed by your employees. You need a location with lots of traffic, and preferably one with the necessary equipment already installed. If not, try to use your own equipment (BBQs, coolers); depending on what food items you are selling. With most concessions, volume is the key to profit. Make sure the foods that you are selling are appropriate to the venue.