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Helping Hands are back this year!

We’ve made a couple modifications, to adapt to COVID, but they are available!

If you are a business or organization who would like to sell Helping Hands in your workplace, to raise money for TeleMiracle, please download the order form (see following link), fill it out, and return it to Diane. Her contact information is at the bottom of the form. Your order will be shipped to your location at no cost to you.

Fundraising Order Form TM 45 vCOVID

There are a few changes to note and we have new options available.

Option 1: In normal years, in a grocery store for example, the cashier would pass the paper Helping Hands to the customer, along with a pen, the customer would write their name on the Helping Hands and then pass them back to the cashier. Someone from the store would then hang all these Helping Hands on the wall or on display somewhere in the store.

Because of COVID-19, we want to eliminate the back and forth, to limit the number of human hands that come into contact with each sheet of paper. For that reason, this year we recommend the cashier write the customer’s name on the paper.

Option 2: We have Helping Hands window clings available this year. You can request enough to put on the plexiglass divider at every till or put a few in the front windows, as signage, and then just collect donations, without each customer having their name on a Helping Hand.

Option 3: You can do both together. For example, you could use window clings to promote the campaign and then sell the paper Helping Hands as well. Or you can use paper Helping Hands to “decorate” the store but not have anyone sign them. Whatever safely works for you.

For more information about Helping Hands, please contact our Administrative Assistant, Diane, via the Contact Us page. CLICK HERE to be redirected.

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