Auditions for TeleMiracle 45 Saskatchewan Talent

Do you have a talent you want to share with the people of Saskatchewan and beyond? Do you want to help TeleMiracle go higher? Then apply to audition as part of the Saskatchewan Talent!

There are still spots available in both Regina and Saskatoon in-person auditions, plus, new this year, you can apply via video submission!

All the details are available on our website at

We ask that you take the time to read all the information on that page, since COVID-19 has forced us to adapt the way we do certain things.

Also new this year, you now create an account before gaining access to the application form! Your dashboard is where you’ll find the button to fill out the form and your submitted Sask. Talent application forms will be stored there as well. Application forms can be edited until you receive the email stating whether you were accepted to be part of the show or not. Any changes that need to be made after that will need to be done by the TeleMiracle Administrative Assistant.

The path between creating an account and filling out the Sask. Talent application form is a little tricky. Step by step instructions have been provided at the bottom of the page, just above the form you fill out to create your account. If at any point you get stuck, feel free to reach out to the TeleMiracle Administrative Assistant.

One other thing to take note of is that ALL Saskatchewan Talent performances on TeleMiracle will be pre-recorded this year. There will be no Saskatchewan Talent in-person performances at TeleMiracle, due to COVID-19. Further information about this is also available on the Sask. Talent page of our website.

If you have any further questions, please contact our TeleMiracle Administrative Assistant, Brigitte, via the Contact Us form

We look forward to seeing your auditions!

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