National Volunteer Week – Day 3

As National Volunteer Week continues, today we’d like to send a mega shout out to the highly skilled Production Volunteers! They are another vital piece of the TeleMiracle “machine” as they are the ones who get the show onto people’s televisions and computers.

Our Production Volunteers include roles such as Camera Operators, Lighting, Audio, Directors, Production Assistants, and a bunch more! Check out this page for a more complete list, as well as descriptions for what they do and a photo for each role.

This group of volunteers put in the equivalent of 500 production hours worked, for each TeleMiracle, yet most of them are never seen on camera. The Production Volunteer Coordinators are the ones tasked with keeping all these Production Volunteers organized so that all the roles, for every shift, are filled and the volunteers have what they need to work safely.

Some of the volunteers work on and around the stage, others work with the Dome employees “in the truck”. Some are in another room in the building. They adapt to the venue and whatever space is available.

Here are some of the Production Volunteers who worked at this year’s show. We appreciate all they do year after year!

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