National Volunteer Week – Day 4

As we continue our journey through National Volunteer Week, today we’d like to highlight our wonderful Saskatchewan Talent participants (Sask. Talent).

The quantity and quality of talent in this province is always impressive. They come from all four corners of the province, to perform for our cause and it’s not as easy or glamorous as it sounds!

We ask a lot of our volunteers. First they must fill out the application form to book their audition. Next they need to take part in the auditions, either by submitting a video or by braving the cold and winter roads to make their way to either Saskatoon or Regina in the Fall (at their own expense).

Those who get selected are either asked to once again brave the cold and winter roads to perform at the show live, or perform at the pre-recording sessions in January, or we use the video they submitted for their audition. Those who come from further away to perform do get a few dollars to help with fuel costs, but many of them cover their own expenses once again.

On top of their performance, they are also asked to do some fundraising for TeleMiracle. Many of them put in their time and energy to take part as well as involving their communities. The funds they raise earns us the generous $100,000 match from Nutrien!

The 20-hour telethon would be very boring without all these wonderful volunteers lending their talents to help that total go higher!

We thank each and every one of them for all they contribute to making TeleMiracle such a success!

Thank you so much!

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