New and Improved Fundraising Resources!

Are you looking to do some fundraising for TeleMiracle? We have a few things that might help.

For starters, we have some resources available on our website.

If you’re looking for a COVID-19-safe way to collect donations, check out our new and improved fundraising pages! You can create your own fundraising page and then share the link with loved ones and on your social media. All online donations and tax receipts are handled by TeleMiracle. You just need to spread the word! To learn more and create your page CLICK HERE!

Having trouble deciding what you want to do to collect donations? Check out our Ways To Help page for lots of ideas. You might need to modify some of them to make sure they comply with the covid-19 protocols. CLICK HERE to see the list.

Wanting to use the TeleMiracle logo to promote your fundraising event? We have various versions we can send you, we just ask that you get your event approved first. CLICK HERE to fill out the application form.

If you are collecting cash and cheque donations, we can email you a tracking sheet. It gives you somewhere to collect all the information we need to issue them a tax receipt (Donations of $10 or more are eligible for a tax receipt). You would just forward everything to the Kinsmen Foundation office. Please don’t send cash in the mail. Either write a cheque or make an online donation for the total amount of the cash collected and let us know that’s what you did.

We also have TeleMiracle merchandise, as well as coin-collection boxes, balloons, stickers, posters, etc. (all available free of charge) that you can use for your fundraising event.

To request any of the above items, please contact Diane at the office. She can be reached via the Contact Us page. CLICK HERE to be redirected.

Should you have questions about any of the above-mentioned resources, please contact Brigitte at the office. She can be reached via the Contact Us page. CLICK HERE to be redirected.

Thank you for all your efforts and making it possible for us to continue “Helping People Every Day”!



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