Three Cheers for the TeleMiracle 45 Committee

The responsibilities of a Committee member begin the year before their term, when they get to shadow the person currently serving in their role.

When the members of the TeleMiracle 45 Committee accepted to serve on Brian’s committee, a pandemic telethon is NOT what they signed up for. Everyone’s roles were greatly affected. Some were basically eliminated. Everything they had learned the previous year had to be modified. But the whole team (including this year’s Shadow Committee) came together and helped wherever they could in order to make this TeleMiracle successful.

Their meetings were almost all via Zoom instead of enjoying the fellowship of in-person meetings. Many of the rewards for being on a Committee had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, but they stayed positive and kept ploughing through.

We just wanted to acknowledge the sacrifices they made, the stress they endured, and congratulate them on this major accomplishment!

The leadership that Brian demonstrated this year, during these exceptionally challenging times, was phenomenal! He really set the tone and made sure everyone stayed focused on serving the cause. Well done!

Here are the members of the 2020-2021, TeleMiracle 45 Committee. The first (and hopefully only) TeleMiracle Committee who had to plan a 20-hour telethon during a pandemic and contributed to the event reaching its third highest total EVER!

And all as VOLUNTEERS, on top of their day jobs! Way to make miracles, everyone!



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