National Volunteer Week – Day 6

2021-2022 Kinsmen Foundation Board of Directors with office staff

TeleMiracle is the most recognized side of our organization. Almost everyone in the province has heard of TeleMiracle and the money they bring in, but behind the scenes it’s the Kinsmen Foundation Board of Directors who gets the responsibility and humble privilege of deciding how the money gets distributed and which applicants are eligible for a grant. These are the volunteers we want to draw some attention to today.

Every year the Board (made up primarily of volunteers) reviews around 1,000 applications for funding from all over the province. Each applicant is assigned a Board representative to be their advocate during one of the nine meetings throughout the year. The reps. become the point of contact for questions and/or updates.

Click HERE to see the number of grants approved, by location, in 2021.

Some of the Board meetings stretch out to two-day meetings because there are so many new and tabled applications to review. That doesn’t include all the reading and prep. work that needs to be done between meetings. The Board Executive also has to review emergency applications that can’t wait till the next meeting. They are a hard-working, big-hearted, dedicated bunch!

Serving on the Board is a life-changing experience. A heart warming, emotional roller-coaster ride that stays with you.

The grant recipients are eternally grateful for the second chance the Board gives them at mobility, independence, and even life!

These volunteers truly live up to the Kinsmen Foundation’s motto of “Helping People Every Day”! There are no words to adequately express how much we appreciate all the work they do. So we’ll just say THANK YOU!

To learn more about the current Board, the different roles on the Board, and who the past Board Chairs were, please head to our About the Board page on our website.

For information about eligibility for grants and/or to fill out an online application check out our Funding Info. & Application page on our website. We’ll be adding additional resource material in the coming months, so keep an eye out.

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