National Volunteer Week – Day 5

As you may remember from Monday’s post, the Kinsmen and Kinettes (Kin) of this province are the ones who started TeleMiracle and make up most of its volunteers each year.

Today, we want to highlight an extra special group of those Kin volunteers, the Committee that organizes TeleMiracle.

Right after one TeleMiracle ends, planning starts for the next one. Each member of the Committee is responsible for one area of TeleMiracle (ie. food, security, transportation, etc.) Each Committee spends one year shadowing their roles and then they are Chair of their area for one year. The first official meeting in their roles as Chair takes place in September with monthly meetings continuing right up until TeleMiracle.

They put in hundreds of hours throughout the year, out of their own personal time, on top of their responsibilities to their families, work, other Kin events, etc. That has been especially true these last two TeleMiracles as they’ve had to adapt to the ever-evolving pandemic.

The Chair of the Committee also sits on the Foundation Board and the Kin Canada District 3 Executive.

To learn more about the Committee you can head to our About the TeleMiracle Committee page of our website. You can see who is currently on the Committee, learn about the individual roles, and see how much TeleMiracle raised the year each Committee Chair was at the helm.

We are ENORMOUSLY grateful to everyone who takes on the challenge of being part of the Committee and doing their part to ensure that TeleMiracle is successful for another year.

Thank you!

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