What do I do with donations made by cheque or cash?

You have a cheque or cash to donate to TeleMiracle, what do you do with it?

Before I answer that, let me talk about credit card donations first. If you are able to use a credit card or Visa Debit card to donate to TeleMiracle, we encourage you to do so. There are many benefits to donating online vs the other options.

  1. When you make an online donation, your credit card number isn’t seen by anyone else, but you. Not by the volunteers working at TeleMiracle, not even by the office staff. All the credit card numbers get encrypted. We just see partial numbers at our end.
  2. You get your tax receipt automatically. If you donate via a FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN PAGE, you’ll get your tax receipt sent to your email within a month. If you donate via the “Donate Today” button, your receipt gets emailed to you almost instantly.
  3. If you use the “DONATE TODAY” button, located in the bottom-right corner of all the pages on our website, you can still  request a bear, if you make the minimum donation or more. You can also make a donation in memory of a loved one.
  4. If you donate via a fundraising campaign page, the option for a memorial donation is not available, but you can still request the bear, if you make the minimum donation or more. If the bear is not specifically requested, we do not send one out, so make sure to check the box.
  5. There are fewer chances for human error at our end because you are inputting your own information.
  6. It’s available 24-7, 365 days a year, so you can make your donation whenever is most convenient for you!
  7. You also have the option to make monthly donations instead of one lump sum. We have an account set up with Canada Helps so we can accept monthly donations. If this works better for you, our donation page can be found by CLICKING HERE.
  8. Your donation will still be included in the total at the telethon!


If you don’t feel comfortable donating online, for whatever reason, that’s okay too! Here are the options when donating via cash or cheque.

  1. Donate to a fundraiser for TeleMiracle in your community. Under normal circumstances (maybe not during a pandemic), they will accept cash and cheque donations and submit them to the office for you. Donations of $10 or more are eligible for a tax receipt, so make sure you give your full name, mailing address, and a phone number we can reach you if we have questions, to the person organizing the fundraiser, so they can send in that information along with your donation. Most Kinsmen, Kinettes, and Kin clubs do fundraise for TeleMiracle and would be happy to receive your donation. Sask. Talent performers also fundraise for TeleMiracle, so if someone from your community is performing during the telethon keep an eye out for opportunities to donate to their campaigns.
  2. Mail your cheque directly to the Kinsmen Foundation office. Send it attention Wendi Cowles at 2217C Hanselman Crt, Saskatoon SK  S7L 6A8. Please don’t send cash in the mail. You can also drop off a donation at this address, during office hours, but extra precautions will be in place during a pandemic to keep everyone safe.
  3. Ring Those Phones! Call into the telethon on TeleMiracle weekend. Our wonderful volunteers will happily take down the information for your pledge! After Telemiracle weekend we will mail you your pledge card (looks like a postcard) to remind you to send in your cheque. You do not need to wait for the card to arrive for you send in your donation, unless you are donating the minimum amount or more and want the bear. In that case you will need to wait to receive the card, double check that the box next to the word “Bear” is checked off and then mail the card to the Kinsmen Foundation office in the envelope with your cheque (the Box office address written on the pledge card is also valid but is only checked regularly around TeleMiracle weekend). If the bear is not specifically requested, we do not send them out.Once we send out the pledge card, it’s on the honour system if you send in your cheque or not, we will not pester you for it. We understand that personal circumstances can change very quickly and you may no longer be financially able to honour your pledge, which is why we leave it up to you. There is no deadline, so if you need a little extra time to send in the cheque, that’s just fine too.

However you choose to donate to TeleMiracle, every bit is greatly appreciated and goes towards “Helping People Every Day” right here in Saskatchewan.

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