National Volunteer Week 2022 – Day 1

Since its inception in 1972, the Kinsmen Foundation Inc. has relied on dedicated and hard-working volunteers.

To this day, its Board of Directors is made up primarily of volunteers from the Kinsmen and Kinettes clubs in Saskatchewan. 

It wasn’t long after it was founded that the requests to the Kinsmen Foundation, for assistance, exceeded the Kinsmen and Kinettes clubs’ ability to raise money; so, in 1977,  the first TeleMiracle telethon aired.

It takes almost a full year of planning and close to 1,000 people to put on a 20-hour, live telethon. We are extremely fortunate that the majority of the people who participate in TeleMiracle are volunteers and it’s been that way for 46 telethons, and counting!

Throughout this National Volunteer Week, we will highlight our various groups of volunteers, to acknowledge their contributions to the Kinsmen Foundation and/or TeleMiracle.

So stay tuned!

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